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Smart City

Tailor-made smart transportation solutions for "city jams"

Food, clothing, housing and transportation are an indispensable part of modern society. Although "Xing" is the last one, its impact cannot be ignored. If travel is not smooth and convenient, it will cause many problems to residents' lives and urban development, and reduce the happiness of urban residents. For a long time, the crux of traffic is difficult to break, and it takes more effort, time and energy to get rid of the "blocking city" hat. Therefore, in order to realize the smooth flow of urban traffic and alleviate travel contradictions and environmental pressures, localities must integrate resources from all sources, explore better solutions, and conduct top-level design from the perspective of smart transportation, so as to realize green transportation and solve the deteriorating urban transportation problems. .
At present, it seems that the implementation of smart transportation is imperative, and the entire industry is therefore in a period of rapid development, which is bound to bring about a broad market development space. With the strong support of policies and the stimulus of promising market prospects, it is a matter of course for many companies to enter the field of smart transportation. Among them, there are many cross-border companies, including BAT, AutoNavi Maps, and security companies. Relying on capital accumulation and technical support, these companies have attracted attention when they first entered the market and have achieved good results. On the other hand, traditional enterprises are not to be outdone, and move frequently, transforming, expanding, and uniting... 18 martial arts are all in the battle. The conflict and cooperation between the old and the new forces revitalize the smart transportation industry.

Different smart transportation companies have different ways of playing. At present, there are many smart transportation solutions, each with its own characteristics. The mainstream ones are as follows:

Build the city brain. The advantage lies in global perception, global coordination, and artificial intelligence. Simply put, it is through brain planning to optimize nodes such as signal lights, and from a global perspective, to ensure the reasonable distribution of traffic flow and traffic lights. It is similar to the intelligent analysis technology in the security industry, and it is also analyzing and processing massive amounts of video information, allowing the brain to go from "seeing" traffic problems to "understanding" traffic problems and propose solutions.
Smart traffic goes to the cloud. The integrated management mechanism of dynamic and massive information of cloud computing helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of intelligent transportation information transmission, and solves the problem of information transmission delay between intelligent transportation systems. In addition, the processing of huge, complex and disorderly traffic data is inseparable from the super computing power of cloud computing. The advantage of the cloud smart transportation solution lies in the centralized management, distributed deployment, and collaborative management of smart transportation public services, which can provide the public with humanized services throughout the entire process of "before, during, and after travel".
The Internet of Things marries smart transportation. Many technologies of the Internet of Things can be directly applied to the field of smart transportation, such as wireless communication technology, RFID, Internet of Vehicles, GPS and so on. The Internet of Things technology marries smart transportation. Through the three-tier architecture of perception layer, network layer, and application layer, the coordinated development of vehicles, roads and people can be realized. In addition, smart transportation solutions based on the Internet of Things have the advantages of automation, intelligence, and dynamics. They have appeared in the identification and management of mobile vehicles, and have good adaptability in the field of transportation, especially in the field of logistics and transportation.