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Intelligent rice vending system of School of Engineering and


The School of Engineering and Technology of Yangtze University is located in Jingzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The campus has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. It was named a garden-style school by the Hubei Provincial Government. The college currently has 71 laboratories of various types, 79 stable practice bases both inside and outside the school, and the library has a collection of 383,000 books. There are 85 professors, 35 doctors, and 457 full-time teachers in the college. Among them, 34.8% are teachers with senior professional titles. There are also full-time foreign teachers from the United States, Britain and other countries. The college shares teachers, hardware facilities and other facilities with Yangtze University. Teaching resources provide an ideal place for running a school, and it is an ideal place for students to read and pursue their studies.

Faced with the student card in the majority of schools, the main aspect is the IC card in the school cafeteria. The traditional charging method of school canteens is cash and meal coupons. There will be some drawbacks in the circulation of meal coupons. For example, meal coupons are easy to forge, lose, and cross-infection of germs, etc., which are difficult to eradicate. In addition, the problem of cash charges is one of them. The cash flow is large, the security is poor, and it is easy to be lost, causing confusion in accounting. Second, the efficiency of manual cash collection is low, which lengthens the waiting time for school teachers and students to eat.
The intelligent meal selling system is an earlier management system using smart cards in the enterprise. The successful development and putting into use of the intelligent dining room selling system has opened up a revolution in food management. It not only plugs the long-existing and difficult-to-eradic loopholes in the food management, but also As a computerized automatic settlement system, it replaces the traditional meal coupon settlement method, and fundamentally solves a series of difficult to eradicate shortcomings such as forgery, loss, and cross-infection of germs in the circulation process of meal coupons, and saves meal coupons in printing, With a large amount of manpower, material and financial resources in distribution, exchange, return, inventory, custody, and review, the comprehensive promotion and application of this system has opened up broad prospects for the development of logistics management in the direction of automation and scientification.
So according to the current school facilities are complete and complete, it is not convenient to install the wiring system, etc., we propose the wireless 433 consumer machine, which is an upgraded version of the existing wired consumer machine, it not only has all the existing consumer machines At the same time, using the latest domestic 433MHZ wireless communication technology, the barrier-free communication distance can reach 1000 meters, and the communication distance with obstacles (buildings, walls, etc.) can reach about 400 meters, without wiring, completely saving wiring costs.
This is the easiest, most convenient and practical, most cost-effective, and most worry-free consumer machine on the market. It is called the artifact in the consumer machine by people in the industry. This rice vending machine is applicable to all schools, factories, canteens of enterprises and institutions, food courts or supermarket canteens, fast food restaurants, shopping stores, high-end membership card consumption, playgrounds, etc.